Body rituals

We all deserve moments that will make us feel special and that will be only for us, our pleasure and our beauty. Moments that put the body and mind in a special mood, allowing you to rest from everyday life. At Nice Spa, we have created a space that will allow you to experience wonderful moments, dedicated exclusively to you.

Special body rituals carried out in our salon give you the opportunity to experience unimaginable pleasure with the same care for your beauty, so that it remains in great condition and constantly enchants everyone around you. An element of each ritual is a specialized peeling combined with a relaxing massage. This combination is an irreplaceable method to effectively remove dead cells and other impurities from the skin surface. Additionally, during the treatment, a chocolate, coffee or fruit mask is put on the face (depending on preferences). Each of them will provide you with a specific type of pleasure and will show a unique impact. The hot chocolate mask will ensure proper skin softening and its proper regeneration, coffee mask will contribute to the effective fight against signs of fatigue and effectively improve blood circulation and fat burning, while the fruit mask will improve elasticity and firmness of the skin, as well as soothe any irritations.