DBH - Beverly Hills facial treatments

A comprehensive package of facial treatments "DBH - Beverly Hills" will allow you to take care of every detail of your face. Regardless of what type of complexion you have, what age you are and what your individual needs are, thanks to this treatment you will be able to achieve the desired results. If your goal is to improve the shape of the face and at the same time refresh and firm it, the V-BAND banquet treatment will be a great solution - strongly lifting, tightening wrinkles and improving the appearance of contours. For mature and dull skin, the perfect treatment will be SEA SNAIL PEPTID, which guarantees deep hydration and effective detoxification. People with sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin will surely feel satisfaction after undergoing the SUPER HYDRATION CARE soothing, calming inflammation, and for those with oily, dull skin we recommend the CLEAR COMPLEX treatment that restores radiance and elasticity. These are just some of the features that you will find in the "DBH - Beverly Hills" package.