PHYT'S facial treatments

If you want your skin to be clean and properly moisturized, and you want your skin to remain young, strong and healthy, take advantage of our "PHYT's" facial treatments. Phyt's cosmetics is a guarantee of the highest quality and satisfaction, as evidenced by the fact that this French brand remains the most popular brand in the country. What's more, the cosmetics produced by Phyt's are completely natural, which enriches the uniqueness of the treatment. By introducing "PHYT's" facial treatments to our offer, we want to provide you with a constant sense of comfort and ensure your skin health and long-lasting youth. In order to effectively clean the face and its proper hydration, we will use AROMACLEAR and PHYT'S SIMA treatments. The WHITE BIO ACTIVE treatment is perfect for lightening your skin, and for 40+ skin we have prepared a special anti-age PANCEA treatment, that will help in remaining young and vigorous for a long time.


An intensely moisturizing ritual based on hyaluronic acid, macadamia oil, jojoba oil, aloe vera, vitamin E and rosewood. It restores the skin's necessary hydration and elasticity, corrects dehydration, regenerates and refreshes. It effectively prevents the formation of wrinkles and stimulates the production of collagen fibers. This intense water balance of the skin is recommended for mature, dry and mixed skin. Due to the highest quality and natural character of the products, they are perfect for future mothers.



The ritual based on vegetable oils, beeswax, essential oils, plant extracts and natural vitamin E (called the vitamin of youth) creates a powerful cocktail of concentrated ingredients that combats the aging process of the skin. It rejuvenates and lifts them up. A specialized lympho-energizing massage shapes and effectively improves the oval of the face. Alchemy powerful in vitaminizing elements with the strength of four treatments in one dedicated to skins after 30 years of age.



Delicate wrapping ritual for vascular skin based on chestnut extract and black blueberries. It calms, shrinks blood vessels, strengthens and protects the skin against external factors. It is a real relief for thin, dry and sensitive skin with rosacea.



A ritual for men's skin; cleanses, detoxifies and balances the skin. Ideally eliminates the symptoms of fatigue and stress, restoring skin tension and fresh color. The base of the treatment is a composition of oils, ginseng extract, natural vitamin E. The ritual includes a relaxing, welcoming massage of the scalp and back, facial peeling, modeling massage, digitizer and mask



AIntensely nourishing ritual based on valuable argan oil, shea butter and natural vitamin E rebuilds hydro-lipid shells, which soothes, regenerates and protects the skin against free radicals. It heals sensitivity caused by extreme drying, has a soothing effect and helps regain skin elasticity.