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Collagen plays an extremely important role when it comes to the health of every human being, because it is the building material of our tissues. It is responsible for the firmness and softness of human skin. However, as we get older, the body produces less and less of it, so if you want to keep a young, fresh and well-groomed skin, you should start looking for a way to replenish collagen. In this case, the perfect solution will be the Advanced Collagen Formula product by Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills, one of the best companies which are specializing in production of specialist care cosmetics. The composition of the cream is based, inter alia, on the chicory root, which has been used in cosmetics and aesthetic medicine for many years. Koreans, famous for their smooth, delicate complexion, use it especially often. Chicory root influences the body to stimulate the skin's repair processes and increase collagen production. Additionally, vitamins B5 and E contained in Advanced Collagen Formula are responsible for effective hydration, and effectively protect the skin against harmful radicals. The advanced collagen formula from Dermaesthetics Beverly Hills is a great way to strengthen your beauty.

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