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Come to the place where you will be reborn again. Visit our two zones and experience comfort and absolute pleasure while taking care of your health. Choose your own path and enjoy complete relaxation.

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Find peace and harmony in our salon. Especially for you, we have created a place with an extraordinary atmosphere, because we believe that this is one of the most important segments of your relaxing journey. Enjoy being a guest at Nice Spa. Develop your beauty with unique experiences offered by our remarkable place.

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Our qualified massage therapist and cosmetologists teams will take care of all the needs of your beauty. We come to every guest with an individual approach. Meet our specialists, who take their work with passion and respect for what is beautiful.

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We work with the best, checked brands of cosmetics.



Familiarize yourself with our offer, prepared with thought of providing you full experience and satisfaction. Take advantage of a comprehensive consultation and choose the treatment that suits your needs best.

In our salon, you can experience a unique atmosphere inspired by the subtle and exotic Eastern culture. Refresh both your body and mind thanks to unusual rituals and immerse your senses in the flavors of the Orient. All this is waiting for you in our specialized offer.

Kompleksowy pakiet zabiegów na twarz “DBH - Beverly Hills” pozwoli Ci zadbać o każdy detal podczas pielęgnowania twarzy niezależnie od tego, jakiego rodzaju cerę posiadasz, w jakim wieku jesteś i jakie masz indywidualne potrzeby.

If you want your skin to be clean and properly moisturized, and you want your skin to remain young, strong and healthy, take advantage of our "PHYT's" facial treatments.

Arosha bandages

from 490 zł

Beauty deserves to be kept in perfect shape for as long as possible. At Nice Spa, we are aware that proper body care often requires special treand commitment. Taking care of every aspect of human beauty, our offer includes specialized treatments with the use of Arosha bandages, thanks to which the skin remains firm, smooth and properly moisturized, and the circumference of a given part of the body will be reduced by up to 3 centimeters.

It is very important to regularly take care of the good condition of the whole body and its beauty. However, we often forget about certain parts, which also need systematic care. That's how it is when it comes to our back.

Body rituals

from 390 zł

We all deserve moments that will make us feel special and that will be only for us, our pleasure and our beauty. Moments that put the body and mind in a special mood, allowing you to rest from everyday life. At Nice Spa, we have created a space that will allow you to experience wonderful moments, dedicated exclusively to you.

Chemical peels

from 250 zł

These are cosmetic treatments involving the application of specialized chemical compounds with a specific concentration to the skin. These types of peels exfoliate the dead skin cells, which smooths and cleanses the skin.

Aroma Energy Therapy

from 459 zł

We often repeat how important in the field of spa & wellness it is to provide pleasure not only to the body itself, but also to each individual sense.

Aroma massage

from 300 zł

Engaging the senses is a very important element of each of the treatments. Thanks to them, we feel the sensations that our beauty is gifted of.


from 50 zł

Japoński masaż

from 285 zł


from 100 zł

Masaż to jeden z najstarszych zabiegów relaksacyjnych i regeneracyjnych. Zgodnie z tradycyjnymi metodami, masaż pracuje nie tylko z ciałem, ale jego równie istotnym celem jest wyzwolenie określonego rodzaju emocji, które przyniosą nam odprężenie i sprawią, że poczujemy pełnię przyjemności.



Monika Lewczuk

Jest to miejsce, które zna się na relaksie, wie jak zadbać o moje ciało i twarz. Pełen relaks!

Olga Nijaki

Ciemna strefa to zupełnie inny świat. Odpłynęłam na masażu ze zrelaksowania. Zamierzam jak najszybciej przetestować inne zabiegi.

Małgorzata Babilońska

Jeszcze nikt nie dbał o moje dłonie i twarz z taką czułością i zaangażowaniem, zdecydowanie polecam. Wyjątkowe miejsce na mapie Warszawy. Na pewno powtórzę wizytę.

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