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Original asian massage therapy

The Orient zone has been created for guests who are looking for new, exotic experiences inspired by both delicate, subtle and extremely mysterious and unique Eastern Buddhist culture. Sometimes disconnecting yourself from reality is not enough. We often need a change of environment, but we do not always have the opportunity to leave spontaneously and enjoy a different, unusual atmosphere. Thanks to us, you don’t have to fly to the East. Go on a unique journey for all senses, while remaining in the heart of the capital. Take your mind to the far corners of the East and be reborn in our zone of the Orient.

Szeroki wachlarz działania

Asian massages

Ritual delight

Let yourself fully experience the charm of the pleasure you can experience with us. If you are looking for more than commonly available massages or aesthetic treatments, Nice Spa is the place for you. Enrich your current treatments with unique rituals prepared especially for you, thanks to which your visit will turn into an extraordinary experience. Our irreplaceable specialists, who have the knowledge and skills necessary to create an ideal, oriental atmosphere, will take care of a special atmosphere and adequate comfort. Each massage is waiting in a specially prepared silence zone, where there are real walls made of Himalayan salt, live plants and a water wall. Additionally, in the air rises - diffused by the machines used for this - the smell of essential oils. From the very beginning, our guests experience the effects of aromatherapy, and are also prepared for the next stages of the massage.

Exotic atmosphere

The magic of the climate

We believe that the beauty is in the details. That is why we constantly take care of maintaining the right atmosphere and approaching your needs with full comprehensively. We want our guests to enjoy not only the highest quality treatments, but also staying in a place which makes them feel comfortable and cared for. Open up to new experiences and immerse your senses in an atmosphere inspired by Eastern culture. Find your own space with us and enjoy the opportunity of trying delicious snacks and drinks.

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Traditional oriental massages

Tradition and Culture

At Nice Spa, we use various techniques of oriental massages, performed with an approach faithful to traditional methods. We perform each massage individually, for the needs of our clients. These treatments are carried out by our unique masseuses who have knowledge in the field of massages of all kinds and developed over generations, as well as many years of experience. They will ensure that each of our guests, thanks to these special moments, achieves harmony, relaxation and complete peace, both physical and spiritual. The palate will be taken care of by the flavors contained in the delicious snacks. A place created to provide you with comfort and experiences that will accompany you for a long time. Indulge in pleasure and let go of negative emotions.

Masseuses from the Philippines


Each treatment offered in our Spa is treated professionally and with care for the comfort of the guests for whom we do our job. We believe that with the right people in the right positions, we create a new type of quality in aesthetic medicine and relaxation treatments. It is possible thanks to a qualified team of masseuses from the Philippines, who have perfected the technique of traditional and Asian massages for many years. As a result, they provide the best quality of services that will give your body rest, beauty and relaxation. Many years of experience have also allowed us to create proprietary massage techniques that you will not find anywhere else.

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Complementing the climate

Enjoy the pleasure

In order for your desires to be satisfied after visiting our salon, you need more than a commonly available standard, so we make sure that your moment of relaxation lasts much longer. Taste delicious Asian snacks and drinks that we will serve you during your visit. Everything is prepared on site and the ingredients are delivered straight from Asia. Before the massage, each client receives from us an original Vietnamese cookie-flavored tea, fresh fruit and a cold caramel dessert. Let your body feel and taste the magical culture of the Oriental countries at the same time.

Enjoy the pleasure Enjoy the pleasure Enjoy the pleasure Enjoy the pleasure
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Oriental rituals

The spirit of tradition

The technique of massage and regenerative treatments has been developing for about 2,500 years and has its source in ancient Buddhist culture. The combination of traditional methods and modern technology provides the best way to regenerate the body. At the same time it guarantees sensations that cannot be combined with anything else. The oriental aesthetics of the rituals and our treatments will allow you to move into a state that is different from everything you have ever experienced before. With our help, you would distance yourself from current affairs. Enjoy special moments intended only for you in the most exclusive parlor in Warsaw.


"“Visit the bright zone of Nice Spa and enjoy unimaginable pleasure.”

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