Elan tint

Eyebrows and eyelashes are a very important element of the appearance of every woman. The shape and color of the eyebrows can give character and even visually change the shape of the face, so taking care of their perfect appearance.

In our SPA, we will professionally regulate and dye your eyebrows and eyelashes. We will use revolutionary ELAN products for this. This gel dye works on several levels, thanks to which it evenly and extremely effectively dyes eyebrows and eyelashes. In addition, professional ELAN paints moisturize and nourish the skin, which facilitates the growth of colored hair. Our experienced beauticians will model your eyebrows, thanks to which they will be adjusted to the shape and features of your face.

Have you always dreamed of long, raised and curled eyelashes? It is possible with an eyelash lift. That is a great solution for women who dream of long eyelashes and value a natural look at the same time. The treatment consists in curling the eyelashes on a special roller and applying the appropriate preparation. The effects of the facelift are curled, raised and elongated eyelashes that last up to six weeks.