01 November 2020

Kobido massage - Professional face lifting

What is Kobido massage?

Kobido is one of the oldest Japanese massages in the world. It has the largest number and most complex set of manual techniques compared to the usual massage methods which only work on the surface of the facial skin. Kobido, through its complexity and intensity of techniques, works on the deeper layers of our skin and muscles, stimulates them, restores the balance in the tissues and results in the desired lifting effect. It is a natural alternative to aesthetic medicine and various interventional treatments.

Kobido massage steps

Usually, the session begins with a dry massage of deep tissues, i.e. without the use of oil or serum. This stage reduces the tension of deep muscles that are responsible for facial wrinkles.
Then we move on to relaxing, gentle movements that aim to relax the client, reducing harmful stress, in the next stages of massage development.
Then we perform lymphatic drainage, stimulate blood and lymph flow, supporting the excretion of toxins from the body, and provide the facial skin with ingredients necessary to improve and repair tissues.
Only after these stages do we move on to the most characteristic and intense massage techniques. Lifting and firming techniques

Non-surgical face lift

Kobido massage is known as a non-surgical face lift, thanks to its techniques you can naturally and over time:
• reduce the signs of skin aging by stimulating collagen and elastin products
• Model the face oval
• Stimulate cellular metabolism
• Even out skin tone
• Eliminate dark circles under the eyes
• Firming the skin
• Regain a younger appearance