Well-groomed hands and nails are a showcase not only of every woman, but also of a man. At NICE SPA you will find a full range of treatments for your nails. Starting with the most basic ones, such as painting and filing, through a manicure with a conditioner and the always fashionable French manicure. We have over 1000 varnishes from brands such as: Christian Louboutin, Dior, Chanel, O.P.I, CND Shellac, Jessica and Gelish. You will undoubtedly leave our salon with your dream color and shape of nails, and your manicure will be perfectly made with attention to every little detail.

Our specialty is a comprehensive SPA treatment for Phyt's hands, which we start with a peeling of coconut oil and Himalayan salt. In the next stage, we take care of the cuticles with jojoba, almond and rice oils. We finish off with a relaxing massage and the application of a mask and L 'Occitane cream. After that treatment, your hands will become not only silky smooth, but also moisturized, nourished and will look beautiful.

If you struggle with the problem of thin, delaminated and constantly breaking nails, we invite you to IBX treatment, i.e. their reconstruction. This treatment supports the nails from the inside and makes them grow strong and healthy, and the plate acquires a beautiful natural color and shine. Regeneration takes place with the use of jojoba and avocado oils and carefully selected vitamins and minerals.

At NICE SPA, we do not forget about men's hands- we have prepared a manicure for men treatment.