Gel manicure has been very popular for years. It is an extremely durable method that allows you to maintain the perfect look of the nail for up to several weeks. Later, you can quickly and easily refill the gel and continue to enjoy a beautiful and perfect manicure.

This method consists in applying a specialized gel directly on a properly prepared nail plate and hardening it with a UV lamp. The gel is also great for extending and restoring a broken nail, which becomes strong but still looks natural. Our beauticians are able to create your dream nail shape, and the manicure made by them is characterized by great accuracy and precision. 

At NICE SPA, we make gel nails in combination with hybrid varnish. We have over 1000 colors in our showroom! Therefore, you will certainly be pleased with the styling effect. We guarantee that you will leave NICE SPA with a sincere smile, and that you will be accompanied by a carefully made, beautiful and very durable manicure.