Hybrid manicure

This is definitely the most popular method of manicure. It combines the advantages of ordinary nail polishes and the gel technique. It is a fast and durable method of nail styling. Two layers of hybrid varnish are applied to the properly prepared nail plate and hardened in a UV lamp.

Manicure is resistant to chipping and damage, and at the same time looks very natural. It also has a beautiful shine. This method puts less strain on the nail plate than the gel, and the nails covered with hybrid varnish remain impeccably beautiful for up to three weeks.

At NICE SPA, we have over 1000 varnishes, so you will undoubtedly find your dream color on the color palette. Using the highest quality products, we create a perfect manicure with attention to every detail. Our beauticians also make beautiful, original and precise decorations on hybrid varnish, which will make the styling of your nails unique.