Hybrid Pedicure

This is a great solution for women who want to keep a beautiful pedicure and not waste time frequently styling their toenails. The hybrid varnish will last for several weeks. We offer traditional hybrid pedicure, as well as French styling.

If you are struggling with a cracked and thick layer of dry skin on your feet, then a hybrid pedicure combined with the application of acid on the feet will be a great solution for you. We use natural acids such as: lactic, malic and tartaric acids. After this treatment, you will leave NICE SPA not only with a beautiful pedicure, but also with smooth and moistened heels, devoid of dead skin cells.

Hybrid pedicure made by our beauticians is characterized by perfection and attention to every little detail. It is performed using proven top-class products, so we can promise you that you will undoubtedly be satisfied with the quality of our treatments.