Cleansing treatments

Hand-made bio-cosmetics by VEDARA Medical are innovative products that bring body care to a completely new level. Natural oils and butters are combined with 24 carat gold, caviar and other extremely exquisite ingredients, and the lack of unhealthy preservatives makes these organic cosmetics products of the highest quality. Our offer includes two unique treatments using VEDARA cosmetics: a treatment for acne, sensitive and couperose skin in the form of cold cleansing and a two-stage cleansing treatment.

Cold cleansing is now a phenomenon when it comes to facial care. About 40 minutes is enough for your skin to be perfectly refreshed, radiant and smooth. For owners of sensitive and couperose skin, this treatment is an excellent form of taking care of its special beauty and proper hydration - extremely important for this type of skin.

The two-stage cleansing treatment is universal and effective. In the first stage, we undergo a special exfoliating treatment through the use of chemical peeling, thanks to which we will get rid of the dead fragments of the skin, making our complexion smoother and refreshed. Then we move on to manual cleansing, thanks to which we will derive satisfaction from a thoroughly and comprehensively conducted session.

Perfect cleansing combined with ecological bio-cosmetics by VEDARA will meet even the most secret needs of your skin.