Massage for two

Spend some time together with your loved one and taste the extraordinary delight that a unique ritual for two will give you. The herbal foot and body bath will provide you with a refreshing feeling and a stay in the sauna with the right atmosphere which we will take care of will provide you with cleansing and unprecedented relaxation. Additionally, to make your visit even more special, choose your favorite oils that we will apply to an oriental massage. Nice Spa style ritual is the best gift for your common beauty.

With the oil

Oil massage is one of the most pleasant experiences you can experience. Calming movements combined with the scents of the Orient will take you to a completely different place. Imagine that your life stops for a moment, all stresses go away, and all you think about is the peace and enjoyment of the moment. By gently stimulating all your senses, apart from your tired eyes, it gives you the opportunity to completely relax. Relaxing music, combined with a slow massage and your favorite scent  chosen by you, gives you a feeling of complete happiness, which reduces stress and negative emotions. Each of the oils used has its own unique properties, increasing the effectiveness of the treatment.