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DERMAPEN 4.0 780 zł 850 zł 1000 zł
DERMAPEN 4.0 + acidic cocktail 800 zł 900 zł 1100 zł
DERMAPEN 4.0 + PRX T33 950 zł 1100 zł 1300 zł


Dermapen is becoming more and more practiced, which is gaining a wide fan base. Everything for which has been replaced by management due to the activities of the team and the functions of each function. Her work protects the work from being performed from the environment and from potential mechanical performances. Due to constant contact with the social world, the skin is an insensitive organ worth caring for. One of the maps that ensures it is available that can also be found in our offer.


What is the Dermapen procedure?

Dermapen is an innovative and equipment that responds to the needs of the market in the field of aesthetic medicine. In practice, this device resembles a pen, which is equipped with micro-needles, working around 1300 out of the fourth. All signs are on disposable cartridges in the form of needles. This is convenient because I know there is a solution to the problem to remove the needles.

How does the Dermapen treatment work?

The Dermapen treatment consists in moving the devices over all skin in order to create small channels through which it will be possible to introduce the introduction to the epidermis, and it is appropriate. Dermaps a large table and now thanks to the so-called vibrating needle technology. This treatment is very quick and appears among customers thanks to the active substances flowing deeper into the skin.

What are the effects of the Dermapen treatment?

Dermapen is a comprehensive treatment with many properties and advantages. The venture is all our commodity and product quality, it seems to be more nourished. Dermap reduces a large part of the skin and removes wrinkles on the face, reducing the alignment with other parts. The colors or colors of stretch marks or scars formed by condensate or burns are also improved. Dermap comprehensively improves the quality of aesthetic skin with this not very aesthetic treatment.

Who is the Dermapen treatment for?

Dermapen is able to restore suspicion to this treatment. It is worth adding at this point that it is in several places. First of all, it concerns people suffering from acne scars, postoperative scars or a specific burn. Deren with a renewed zone also with a map of pores and a crust. In addition, the hair treatment supplement was supplemented and the replenishment supplement replenishment providing replenishment and replenishment of the hair.

Dermapen at Nice Spa

We also offer Dermapen services in our Spa. See the implementation of the latest version of the DERMAP 4® device supported by AOVN 4 technology. Its achievement ™ The function ensures work at full capacity and efficiency. The Dermapen treatment proves that technology can update in tandem with beauty.

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