Skin discoloration

Over the years, the skin not only loses its plumpness, but is also more prone to darker spots. This is due to the accumulation of melanin in places where the aging processes take place faster and the skin is weakened. Such discoloration is most often visible on the face and hands. Other possible skin discolorations can be caused by: medications, skin inflammations such as acne, and rashes. Discoloration likes to come back, often in the same places. This happens when we do not properly care for our skin and do not use sunscreen. Remember about it before going to the beach, but also in spring. The sun is strong then, but it is still cool and we do not feel any potential danger. It is recommended to use high filters, practically every day all year round. The removal of discoloration itself should involve both inhibiting the production of dye and removing its excess already produced. The choice of method depends on their depth. The easiest way to remove superficial (epidermal) discoloration, the deepest ones, in the dermis, the hardest. The best results are achieved by combining the daily use of the so-called lightening creams with treatment procedures